8.19: Parking Announcement

Dear North Greenville University Family,

We have opened our school year and everyone is looking forward to a wonderful year filled with with many blessings.

It is our job at Campus Security to help secure a safe year. We also work to insure order in parking on campus. Therefore we bring to your attention a reminder of some of the parking regulations here at North Greenville University.

The Yellow Line rule is enforced for the parking spaces in front of Hamlin/Turner 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Students can park in other faculty parking (yellow lined spaces) at Crain Science and at the Library Lot between the Library and Hayes Ministry between the hours of 5:31PM and 1:00AM Monday through Thursday and from Friday evening at 5:31PM until Monday morning at 1:00AM.

After 1:00AM on Sunday through Thursday, vehicles in these areas will be subject to being ticketed.

  • No parking in the parking spaces with yellow lines. We have had some students parking in faculty/staff parking spaces, especially around the back of White Hall and around the Maintenance Building near near Units F and G.
  • Campus Resident Students must leave vehicle parked in the parking lot for their assigned Residence Hall or the Clinic Overflow Parking lot. Do not take a space that is reserved for Commuter Students or Faculty/Staff.
  • Watch for and stop for pedestrian traffic. There are many students moving around campus and from class to class. Be conscious of their safety.

Thank you for your attention to these regulations and to following all the parking and driving regulations.

In the Service of Our Lord,

Campus Security