Accounting Bachelor of Science

North Greenville's Accounting degree prepares students with a comprehensive foundation in accounting and business classes. North Greenville's Accounting degree is regionally accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS). A minimum of 128 hours is required for the marketing degree plus 1 hour for chapel and cultural events for each full-time semester. Advisors will provide an updated course sequence form that, if followed successfully, will assure graduation in four years. 


The Accounting program at North Greenville University will:

  • Equip Accounting majors with the necessary tools to be successful in accounting positions;
  • Enable them to emphasize certain aspects of accounting such as business, economics, management, or marketing;
  • Stress the importance of Christian ethics in all areas of business
  • Enable them to integrate and analyze theoretical and real world information concerning strategic planning.

The program curriculum will also:

  • Provide students with the analytical, technical, communication, and interpersonal skills needed to succeed in todayís competitive global markets,
  • Encourage the development of high ethical standards in connection with current legal and business environments, and
  • Provide maximum opportunities for personal interaction between faculty and students.

The learning experience is further enriched by internships coordinated with regional firms and the faculty and students associated with the Accounting program.


Download the Accounting degree course sequence sheet.


General Education Requirements

COLL 1100 or HNRS 1210    1(2) hours
ENGL 1310, 1320    6 hours
AMERICAN/BRITISH LITERATURE (2000 level)    3 hours
ENGL (2000 level) or ARTS/MUSC/THTR 1300    3 hours
ANY HISTORY    3 hours
MATH 1310, 1330    6 hours
NATURAL SCIENCE AND BIOLOGY LABS (see curriculum sheet)    8 hours
PHED 1200    2 hours
PSYC/SOCY/PLSC    3 hours
CHST 1310, 1320    6 hours
COMM 2300    3 hours

Total    44-45 hours

Business Supporting Courses  

ACCT 2310 and 2320, Accounting I & II    6 hours
ACCT 3340, Cost Accounting I    3 hours
BUSN 1330, Introduction to Business    3 hours
BUSN 2310, 2320 Business Law I and II    6 hours
BUSN 2340, Business Report Writing    3 hours
BUSN 3100, Professional Development Seminar    1 hour
BUSN 3320, Business Ethics    3 hours
CSCI 1305 & 1330, Introduction to Information Technology & Management Info Sys.    6 hours
ECON 2310 and 2320, Macro and Micro    6 hours

Total    37 hours

Accounting Major Course Requirements

ACCT 3310, Intermediate Accounting I    3 hours
ACCT 3320, Intermediate Accounting II    3 hours
ACCT 3350, Cost Accounting II    3 hours
ACCT 3360, Financial Management    3 hours
ACCT 4310, Auditing    3 hours
ACCT 4320, Federal Taxation    3 hours
ACCT 4330, Adv. Accounting I    3 hours
ACCT 4335, Adv. Accounting II    3 hours
ACCT 4340, Municipal & Government Accounting    3 hours
ACCT 4350, Management Systems Analysis    3 hours
ACCT 4360, Fraud & Corporate Responsibility    3 hours
ACCT 4380, Directed Internship in Accounting    3-12 hours
BUSN 4390, Business Strategy Seminar    3 hours

Total    39-48 hours

Total General Education Requirements    44-45 hours
Total Business Supporting Courses    37 hours
Total Major Course Requirements    39-48 hours

Total Elective Courses    9 hours

Total Hours for Degree    128-137 hours

All students at North Greenville University must earn one credit for Chapel and Cultural Events for each semester of full-time enrollment.