Welcome to Accounting

"The Accounting Program strives to prepare graduates for accounting and related fields while dedicating themselves to the principles of Christ professionally and personally."

North Greenville University's accounting program offers a liberal arts curriculum which leads to a bachelor of science degree in accounting. Our undergraduate program satisfies eligibility for graduates to take the CPA exam and for licensing thereafter. The curriculum focuses on the development of employable skillsets that prepare students for careers in a variety of opportunities, including corporate, government, and private accounting. The Accounting program integrates academic disciplines, Christian lifestyle, and an enriched cultural experience that produces well-rounded Christian business leaders for the future.

Popular Classes Include

  • Cost Accounting: study the planning, control, and decision aspects of internal accounting
  • Fraud & Corporate Responsibility: learn how to detect fraud, theft, and inventory concealment
  • Federal Taxation: a survey of current federal tax law pertaining to individual and business financial operations.
  • Internship: explore and prepare for your career
  • Accounting Information Systems: learn the tools of accounting system analysis

About the Program

The Accounting Program Curriculum will:

  • Provide students with the analytical, technical, communication, and interpersonal skills needed to succeed in today’s competitive global markets,
  • Encourage the development of high ethical standards in connection with current legal and business environments, and
  • Provide maximum opportunities for personal interaction between faculty and students.
(The learning experience is further enriched by internships coordinated with regional firms and the faculty and students associated with the Accounting program.)  (Advisors will provide an updated course sequence sheet.) 

The Accounting Program builds on a foundation of basic liberal arts courses to prepare students to think critically in a dynamic world. The course sequence includes a selection of business courses including finance, business information systems, and management. There are diverse classes in accounting that prepare a student for a variety of careers including Certified Public Accountant, comptroller,  and auditor.

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North Greenville's Accounting degree is accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS). Advisors will provide an updated course sequence form that, if followed successfully, will assure graduation in four years.