Alumni Resources

The following are programs provided by the North Greenville University Alumni Association are designed for the interest and needs of our alumni. The Alumni Association offers its members many opportunities of supporting and volunteering to become more actively involved in the future of its alma mater. If the Alumni Association can better serve you please do not hesitate to send us an email at

Alumni Directory

With the help of PCI, North Greenville University is producing a new Alumni Directory. If you are an alumni, you should be receiving a card in the mail asking you to verify your information and asking if you would like to pre-purchase one of the directories. If you have any questions, please contact the Alumni Office at or PCI at 1-866-571-7459.

Alumni Award Nomination Form

Do you know an alumni who deserves one of these awards?  Call us today and let us know!

  • Alumni Service Award - The nominee has significantly served North Greenville (i.e. volunteer activities, etc.)

  • Distinguished Alumni Award - The nominee has distinguished accomplishments that have brought or will likely bring recognition to North Greenville.

  • Outstanding Young Alumni Award - The nominee has loyally served North Greenville and brought recognition to the college.

  • Friend of the Year Award - The Friend of the Year Award is presented annually. The recipient is recognized for outstanding service to North Greenville University by one who did not attend NGU.

Athletic Hall of Fame Nomination Information

Nominations are being accepted for the Athletic Hall of Fame. To make this process as complete as possible, we need your assistance in recommending individuals for consideration for the 2009 North Greenville University Athletic Hall of Fame. We encourage you to submit names of those you feel may be worthy of this recognition. The criteria for nomination to the Athletic Hall of Fame are as follows:

  1. Former athletes and coaches, whose connections with the college as a student athlete or coach have been dissolved for greater than a one-year period, will be eligible for induction into the Athletic Hall of Fame. In order to be under consideration for nomination, it is understood that athletes and coaches must have participated or coached for North Greenville University in good standing for at least two seasons.

  2. The athletes being chosen are to have demonstrated high athletic achievement while at NGU and/or demonstrated high athletic achievement while pursuing their athletic careers after leaving North Greenville University.

  3. Coaches being chosen are to have demonstrated high professional achievement while at NGU and demonstrated a “selfless” attitude in influencing the NGU athletes in a positive manner. Coaches may be considered who demonstrate a high degree of coaching achievement while pursuing their coaching careers even after leaving North Greenville University.

  4. Recommendations for honorary inductees should reflect the following: The individual should have made significant contributions to the University’s athletic program, which have resulted in its success, growth, and development. This could include above-average financial support, peripheral commitment, and/or other longstanding support of the NGU athletic program.

  5. All individuals being considered for members in the NGU Athletic Hall of Fame must have demonstrated the highest standards of personal character and morals during the time at NGU.  The requirement of highest standards of personal character and morals must still be present at the time of the selection and induction process.

To submit a name for consideration, send pertinent information concerning the nominee to or send to

Jason B. Ross, ('98)

Office of Alumni Affairs

North Greenville University

PO Box 1892

Tigerville, SC 29688-1892

SC NGU License Plate

The South Carolina General Assembly has authorized the South Carolina Department of Highways and Public Transportation to issue special license plates for each of the colleges and universities in the state.  Your North Greenville University plate, in school colors, carries the bi-centennial college logo along with the words, "North Greenville University."  Designated DMV branch offices will handle all first time issuances of the North Greenville University plate.  The Department suggests that you contact your local DMV branch office to verify the availability of the North Greenville University plate.

The $47.00 passenger vehicle fee includes $12.00 for the regular renewal fee and $35.00 for the special plate.  The plate's best feature is that a portion of the fee for each plate will be returned to the school for academic scholarships.  Depending on the number sold, North Greenville Alumni Programs will receive up to $20.00 per plate for the scholarship program.  The sale of just 10,000 license plates could generate up to $183,000 in scholarship funds.

Stop by your local Department of Motor Vehicles office to pick up an application for the one-of-a-kind North Greenville University license plates.

Alumni Records

Maintaining the alumni database is an ongoing effort of the Alumni Affairs office. Identifying information from alumni is needed to keep the communication lines open with the alumni. To update your address, telephone, email address, employment profile, etc. email

The Alumni Association offers a hard-bound directory every ten years and within the next year a on-line registry will be made available which will sort by class year and geographical area. More information will be made available in the near future about the on-line registry.