Bachelor of Arts in International Business

The International Business Program at North Greenville University offers graduates:

  • The student will be able to demonstrate the importance and the role of culture in business decision making.
  • The student will be able to provide entrepreneurial leadership in strategic decision making in cross-cultural markets.
  • The student will be able to demonstrate knowledge of business concepts applicable to the international business community.
  • The student will be able to use knowledge and skill indicative of one who is prepared to enter the international business workforce.

Degree Requirements

  • General Education Requirements: 60-61 hours
  • International Business and Language Supporting Courses: 37 hours
  • International Business Major Requirements: 30-39 hours
  • All students at North Greenville University must earn one credit for Chapel and Cultural Events for each semester of full-time enrollment: 8 hours        

Total Hours for Degree: 135-144 hours

Students must pass Accounting I and II with a minimum grade of C before taking any additional accounting courses.

Download the International Business degree course sequence sheet.

Bachelor of Arts in International Business

General Education Requirements

COLL 1100 or HNRS 1210    1 (2) hours
ENGL 1310, 1320    6 hours
ENGL (American/British Lit 2000 level)    3 hours
ENGL (2000 level) ARTS, MUSC or THTR 1300    3 hours
HIST 1350 or 1360, and 2330    6 hours
MATH 1310, 1330    6 hours
PHED 1200    2 hours
PSYC, SOCY, or PLSC    3 hours
CHST 1310 or 1320    3 hours
CHST 2335    3 hours
COMM 2300    3 hours
CSCI 1305    3 hours

Total    50-51 hours

Business Supporting Courses

ACCT 2310 and 2320, Accounting I & II    6 hours
BUSN 2320, Business Law II    3 hours
BUSN 3100, Professional Development Seminar    1 hour
BUSN 3310, Principles of Management    3 hours
BUSN 3320, Business Ethics    3 hours
BUSN 3340, Operations Management    3 hours
ACCT 3360, Financial Management    3 hours
CSCI 1330, Management Information Systems    3 hours
ECON 2310 and 2320, Macro and Micro    6 hours
MRKT 2330, Fundamentals of Marketing    3 hours

Total    34 hours

International Business Major Course Requirements

ECON 3330, Comparative Economic Systems    3 hours
INBS 3380, International Marketing    3 hours
INBS 4330, International Trade & Finance    3 hours
INBS 4350, International Business Management    3 hours
BUSN 4390, Business Strategy Seminar    3 hours
INBS 4382, Directed Internship International Business    3-12 hours

One course must be taken from the following list:

COMM 2320, Cross-Cultural Communication    3 hours
HIST 3349, Twentieth Century Europe    3 hours
HIST 3372, History of Latin America since 1820    3 hours
HIST 3373, United States & Latin American Relations    3 hours
HIST 4360, Soviet-Russia    3 hours
SPAN 3330, Trip to a Native Spanish Speaking Environment    3 hours
Total    21-30 hours

Supporting Foreign Language Requirement (All 12 hours must be in the same language.  See explanation of the requirement below.) 12 hours

Students for whom English is their native language can satisfy the foreign language requirement in one of the following ways:

  • Each student is required to earn 12 hours in a foreign language including six hours at the intermediate level and six hours at the 3000 level or by spending a summer or semester in a language immersion program.  Credit can be given by examination in the latter case.
  • If such students wish to meet the requirement with a language not offered by the university, they may do so by completing the necessary courses in another accredited institution. In cases where they may have learned such language through living in a foreign country, they may request that they be tested in this language. When such testing can be arranged, they may meet the foreign language requirement by testing at an approved level as determined by the chair of the foreign language department.

Students for whom English is not their native language:

In addition to the English courses required of all students, such students must take the following courses (unless they meet the conditions under B below):

  • ENGL 1305 English as a Second Language (unless they exempt by exam).
  • BUSN 2340 Business and Report Writing, and

One from each of the following two groups of courses:


  • COMM 2310 Interpersonal Communication
  • COMM 2320 Cross Cultural Communication
  • COMM 3300 Advanced Oral Communication


  • ENGL 3315 Advanced Grammar and Style
  • ENGL 4335 Technical Writing

If such students are already competent in a second (foreign) language, they may request that they be tested in that language by the Modern Foreign Language Department and may fulfill the foreign language requirement by achieving an appropriate score on the tests.

Total General Education Requirements    50-51 hours
Total Business Supporting Courses    34 hours
Total International Business Major Course Requirements    21-30 hours
Total Supporting Foreign Language Courses    12 hours
Total Elective Courses    12 hours
Total Hours for Degree    129-139 hours

All students at North Greenville University must earn one credit for Chapel and Cultural Events for each semester of full-time enrollment.