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The BSU gathers for fellowship and worship each Thursday evening at 7:00 p.m. in Turner Chapel. (All are welcome - you don't have to be Baptist to participate! Come and see!)

Recording of BSU worship services, videos, and other media produced by and for BSU members and staff.

IMPACT Teams visit churches, assist in mission projects and participate in ministries through the year and during the summer between terms. Find out how you can get involved!

Are you wanting someone to help you with your Disciple Now weekend or someone to help with a Children's event? If so, an impact team may be right up your ally.

If you are interested in booking an impact team to help out an event at your church call Jody Jennings at 864-977-7158 or e-mail him at jjennings@ngu.edu to book a team.

For a BSU Impact Team form click here.

Since many commuter students depart campus early on Thursdays and are unable to return for worship at night, the BSU sponsors a weekly lunch gathering at the Hayes Ministry Center. 

NGU's Center for Global Missions, in conjunction with a variety of national and international missions organizations, provides students in all disciplines opportunities to engage in real and vital missions during their summer breaks.

North Greenville University students will cover the globe as mission and outreach teams head out this summer. More than 30 countries and six continents will be reached by people from the NGU campus.

At a recent commissioning service held on the campus, close to 500 students were recognized for serving all across the world during their upcoming summer break. NGU has five sponsored teams heading to West Virginia, Honduras, Romania, Uganda, and East Asia. Others will be serving in a variety of ministries in other parts of the world such as short and long-term missionaries, youth mission trip planners, in nursing homes, summer camps, and churches across North America.

"God continues to call out laborers from this generation of university students in a way that is both exciting and humbling," said Dr. Allen McWhite, Director for Global Missions. "Students are willing to put their comfort and even their lives on the line for the sake of sharing the love of Jesus in some of the world's most difficult and remote places."

In an interview during the commissioning service, a female student who will leave this fall to serve in a restricted area for the next two years through the IMB's Journeyman program feels that God has been preparing her to be a missionary her entire life.

"God has given me a personality, my education and certifications, and the desire to share Christ with others," said the student.

While many will be sharing the gospel first hand, Jason Stuckey from Rocky Mount, N.C., Rick Rollins from Greenwood, and Philip Black from High Point, NC, also interviewed during the commissioning service will actually be working with an organization on the administrative side to plan mission trips for youth groups.

"We need to pray for these students as they say "yes" to God's call to take the gospel to the nations," McWhite said.

Learn more about annual events sponsored by the BSU at NGU, including "Converge" and "Reveal!"  For more information contact Jody Jennings at jjennings@ngu.edu.

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