Delivered through a Christian worldview, NGU's Bachelor of Science in Biology equips graduates for the diversity of careers in the biological sciences. Our Biology program provides students with a solid foundation in the mechanics of life, from molecular building blocks to complex ecosystems.

Investigating the natural world through a Biblical perspective supplies insight into the rich variety of God's creation. Our professors reveal the Architect of life's masterful design and prepare students for their careers with a solid understanding of biological principles. The Biology program's four tracks enable students to customize their learning experiences to their interests.

Explore the Biology Degree Tracks

Animal Science
The Animal Science track offers a comprehensive study of animal science. Students can select a pre-professional focus to prepare for graduate school or a more general focus in animal care.
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Biology Track
The General Biology track offers a solid foundation in the biological sciences. This track features a core selection of science courses and is intended for students pursing further graduate studies.
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Clinical Track
The Clinical Track is designed for students interested in continuing with professional studies in medical, dental, physical therapy, and other health-related careers.
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Biology isn't just about textbooks and class. Go beyond the classroom with internships and experiences. See what some of our students are doing

Environmental Track
Environmental Science is a new track for students interested in ecology, natural resource management, and environmental policy. Students investigate a spectrum of environmental topics.
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