CEVT Ticket Info

NGU students, faculty and staff are admitted to any event for no charge, however some events do require a ticket. Check the calendar to see if an event requires a ticket. If so, you may secure your ticket at the CEVT office in the School of Theatre Building on N. Tigerville Rd near the Einsteins Bagels. For events which do not require a ticket please show your current ID card at the event after the doors open (normally 30 minutes prior to start time).Tickets to theatre events are handled separately; click here for information.

Children under the age of 6 are not admitted to some events - please see the calendar for details.

Visitors are always welcome at our events; some events require a ticket and most are free. Visit the CEVT calendar for info. Theatre productions are ticketed and there is a charge.

Theatre Ticket Pricing

  • Non-NGU Students (6yrs+) $5.00
  • NGU Students: Present a valid ID card
  • Adults $8.00 per person

Payment For Theatre Tickets

In advance or at the door: Call 864-977-7085 or visit the CEVT Box Office in the School of Theatre Building on N. Tigerville Road near Einstein Brothers Bagels.

Payment methods: Cash, check (payable to NGU) or credit cards (VISA or Mastercard only) may be used to purchase tickets.

No tickets may be reserved without advance payment being arranged.

View upcoming productions and order tickets.