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Spring 2017


Wednesday, 22-Mar: Abraham Hamilton III

American Family Association's Public Policy Analyst. 

Worldview Conference


Monday,  27-Mar: Dr. Jeffrey Rankin

NGU Christian Studies Professor



Wednesday,  29-Mar: Joyful Sound

Joyful Sound


Monday,  3-April: Rev. Bryant Sims

First Mount Moriah Baptist, Greenwood, SC 

Music Dept.


Wednesday,  5-April: Rev. Josh Powell

Lake Murray Baptist Church, Lexington, SC

Campus Band


Monday,  10-April: Dr. Jill Branyon

Mathematics Secondary Education coordinator

Karenni Youth Choir


Tuesday,  11-April: Campus Band - BONUS CHAPEL


Wednesday,  12-April: Dr. Jason Duesing

Academic Provost / Professor of Historical Theology, Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, Kansas City, MO

Campus Band


Monday,  17-April: Academic Awards 


Wednesday,  19-April: Rev. Jody Jennings

Campus Band


Monday,  24-April: BSU Missions and Ministries

Josh Epton

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