Chapel Schedule | Ministries

Spring 2015


19        Tony Beam/Alex McFarland

21        Dr. Paul Fleming, Executive Pastor, Forestville Baptist Church, Travelers Rest, SC

26        Dr. Jay Strack, Student Leadership University, Orlando, FL

28        Rev. H. B. Charles, Jr., Shiloh Metropolitan Baptist Church, Jacksonville, FL


2          Mark Watts, Student-led Renewal

4          Joey Metzler, Student-led Renewal

9          Dr. Marcus Buckley, Riverside Baptist Church

11        Dr. Steve Crouse, NGU's Vice President for Campus Ministries

16       Cancelled due to weather

18       Cancelled due to weather

23        Rev. Steve Scoggins, First Baptist Church, Hendersonville,SC

25        Pastor Derwin Gray, Transformation Church, Charlotte, NC


2          Dr. Bruce Schmidt, Gowensville Baptist Church, Gowensville, SC

4          Dr. Samuel Thomas, Hopegivers International

16        Christian Worldview Conference - Dr. Mike Licona, Associate Professor of Theology, Houston Baptist University, Houston, TX

18        Christian Worldview Conference - Dr. David Platt, President of the International Mission Board, Richmond, VA

23        Michael Lord, Outdoor Ministry Personality/Recording Artist, Mt. Pleasant, SC

25        Joyful Sound, NGU's BSU Music Ensemble

30        Act II, NGU's BSU Drama Troupe


1          Rev. Kenneth Owens, First Baptist Church, Bonneau, SC

6          Dr. Stuart Houston, Blue Ridge View Baptist Church, Pickens, SC

8          Dr. Jeffrey Rankin, Associate Professor of Christian Studies, NGU

13        Rev. Walter Pym, Cross Roads Baptist Church, Easley, SC

15        Rev. Jay Hardwick, North Rock Hill Church, Rock Hill, SC

20        Academic Awards

22        Dr. Gary Frazier, Discovery World-Wide Missions International, Plano, TX

27        Summer Missions and Ministries Commissioning Service

Bonus Chapels

2/2/15    7:00 pm     Luke Hall, Student-led Renewal, Turner Chapel

2/3/15    7:00 pm     Creative Worship, Student-led Renewal, Turner Chapel

3/16/15  7:00 pm     Christian Worldview Conference-Dr. Mike Licona, Associate Professor of Theology, Houston Baptist University, Houston, TX 

3/17/15   7:00 pm     Christian Worldview Conference - Dr. Michael Brown, Line of Fire Radio Online, Charlotte, NC

4/7/15   7:00 pm     NGU Campus Band

4/8/15   7:00 pm     Dr. Jonathan D. Sarfati, Creationist Physical Chemist and Spectroscopist (Australia), Creation Ministries International