Academic Program

It's all chemistry!  Everything in the physical world around us has a chemistry component.  Chemistry offers another level of understanding to students of biological, physical, environmental and other sciences.  Resolution of critical issues facing societies today requires individuals who understand and can communicate applicable chemical principles.  These critical issues include alternate energy sources, environment protection, food production and quality, and health care.  The best solutions include both an understanding of chemistry and of Biblical principles of stewardship.  At NGU, we equip students with a good grounding in chemistry and God's Word to prepare them to pursue careers in chemistry or any field that will relate to these needs.  Most importantly, courses at NGU fully integrated the very real revelation of God in the physical creation (Romans 1:20).

The College of Science and Math offers a chemistry minor that requires completion of the courses shown below.

Chemistry Minor

Prerequisite Courses

CHEM 1450/1451   General Chemistry I  4 hours
CHEM 1460/1461   General Chemistry II  4 hours

Chemistry Minor

CHEM 2450/2451   Organic Chemistry I  4 hours
CHEM 2460/2461   Organic Chemistry II  4 hours
CHEM 3410/3411   Biochemistry   4 hours
CHEM 3420/3421   Inorganic Chemistry  4 hours
CHEM 3430/3431   Analytical Chemistry  4 hours

Total  after prerequisites    20 hours

Chemistry Course Descriptions

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