Master of Christian Ministry | MCM

A 36-Hour Program*
The purpose of this program is to strengthen and enhance the resources and skills that students have already developed for leadership in the church. 

Common Requirements:
• Leadership Development
• Old Testament Research & Application
• New Testament Research & Application
• Spiritual Formation 
• Biblical Interpretation
(15 hours)

Students with superior undergraduate preparation may exempt up to four common courses. Exemptions must be approved by the Office of the Dean of the School of Christian Ministry. Students qualifying for exemptions will take additional courses to replace common courses exempted. A specific plan of study will be developed at the initiation of the student’s program.

Program Emphasis: Christian Ministry or Christian Counseling
Select three courses from a variety offered, such as:
• Personal evangelism
• Intercultural Studies (Missions)
• Pastoral Care
• Biblical Preaching
• Discipleship
(9 hours)

• Sufficient hours to complete the 36-hour requirement for the degree.
(9 hours)

Capstone Course: 
• Integration project developing a theology of ministry by integrating the student's coursework, personal experience, and goals.

Use this document to assist you in knowing which classes you need to register for over the course of the program.  If needing assistance in deciding which classes you need to register for, contact Dr. McDonald by email at or by calling 864-877-3052.

MCM Degree Check Sheet