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Serving as a bridge between NGU and a global community of churches and ministries, the Office of Church Relations plans and represents NGU at church and denominational conferences.

In addition, Church Relations schedules the NGU student ministry teams:


Scheduling a Ministry Team


If you would like to schedule a ministry team for your event, complete the online form.

The Office of Church Relations assists Alumni and current students seeking ministry employment opportunities. If you are a church and/or ministry organization and would like to post a full time, part time and/or internship job opportunity on our website to promote the position, please complete the online form or contact Meredith Lewellen for more information.


Englewood Baptist Church


Contact Name: Jordan Reese

Contact Phone Number: 252-937-8254

Email Address: jorday@englewoodbaptist.com

Church or Organization: Englewood Baptist Church

Church Address:  1350 S Winstead Avenue, Rocky Mount, NC 27803

Type of Position- Part Time

Name of Position: Childrenís Ministry Summer Intern

Job Description:  Reports to the Associate Pastor of Children.  The basic functions of this position are first and foremost to assist the Associate Pastor of Children with casting Godís vision for the ministry and to assist with implementing that vision.  The driving force of every weekly event and special event is the mission of the Church where every person hears; every believer shares; every disciple trains, beginning in Rocky Mount and extending around the world.  Implementation is achieved by prayer, applying Godís Word, teaching Godís Word, organizing committed leadership, building relationships with children and parents, placing real challenges before the children of our community and pushing them to be the soul winners and leadership for their peers both in church and in the world.

Typical and Principal Duties;

  1. To be in a Mentoring Group
  2. Assist with Bible Fellowship Groups- Lead a BFG Class and assist in leading large group time
  3. Assist with planning and coordinating of Special Events- Summer Camp, VBS, Missions Activities
  4. Assist with Kids Time- Teach when large group leader is unavailable, assist/lead in recreational activities, assist with training and curriculum development
  5. Student Facilitations.  Engaging students with specific ministries.  Utilizing childrenís gifts to incorporate them in the ministry.  Placing them in leadership roles to increase growth and involvement-  Prayer Warriors, Greeters, Audio/Technical, etc.
  6. Assist in Pastoral Care Duties- Hospital Visitation, Benevolence Ministry
  7. Any other duties assigned by the Associate Pastor of Children

Compensation: $200 per week ($2,400 for the Summer)

Expires: April 19, 2018

Financial assistance is available to South Carolina Baptist students who are pursuing a church-related vocation.

The South Carolina Baptist Convention annually expresses its support of students committed to a church-related vocation by offering financial assistance to South Carolina Baptist students enrolled in South Carolina colleges and universities and seminary students enrolled in one of the six Southern Baptist seminaries. 

Financial assistance is provided through the Cooperative Program and the Richard Furman Scholarship Fund and is administered by the Scholarships Committee of the Executive Board of the South Carolina Baptist Convention. 

Criteria for this scholarship are:

  • An active resident member of a South Carolina Southern Baptist Church for at least nine (9) months prior to the beginning of an academic school year and approved by action of the church where they are an active member.
  • Applications will not be accepted without church recommendation. (Southern Baptist missionary dependents whose parent(s) list South Carolina as their home state will be eligible for the scholarship.)
  • Enrolled full time in a South Carolina college/university or seminary accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools.
  • Applications will not be accepted without your written description of your calling to a Church Related Vocation.
  • Student must be able to establish the need for financial aid and agree to participate in a ministry-related practical experience of a maximum of 3 hours per week under a designated supervisor.
  • Student must be classified as a full-time student and maintain a grade point average of "C" or its equivalent.
  • Student must attend a personal interview session held during April. These sessions are scheduled in three geographical areas of the state.

Applications may be completed online before March 15 at the link below. 

Church Related Vocation Scholarship - Must be a Christian Studies, Youth Ministry, Intercultural Studies, Media Ministry, Christian Worship Arts & Leadership, or Church Music major.  Will receive up to $800 per year for a full time student. No application required and scholarship is renewable provided you keep one of these majors. Please see the Financial Aid Office for more information if you do not automatically receive it.

SC Baptist Convention Scholarships -The Executive Board of the South Carolina Baptist Convention offers two (2) types of scholarships for those seeking a church related vocation. The Church Related Vocational Scholarship (CRVS) is for undergraduate students and the Richard Furman scholarship is for SBC seminary and SCBC university students seeking a masters degree. Please visit their website for more information.