Church Relations | Ministries

The Church Relations area at North Greenville University strives to connect the North Greenville University community with local churches and ministries. We seek to accomplish this goal by providing a variety of ministry outreach opportunities for students, faculty and staff. These ministry opportunities include: Joyful Sound, Act II, BSU Impact Teams, NGU Campus BandL.I.G.H.T. Teams, Church Planting and Revitalization

The office of Church Relations is responsible for overseeing each of the areas listed above. These ministries travel throughout America and around the world reaching multitudes of individuals each semester. If you are interested in more information about any ministry area or desire to schedule a ministry team please click on the appropriate ministry tab and find out more information. 

In addition to sending out various ministry teams the Church Relations department also assist alumni and current students seeking ministry employment opportunities. Churches may submit job requests to the office of Church Relations that may be posted to our website. If you are in the process of filling church positions or internships and would like to submit a request please contact us at

The Church Planting and Revitalization Center exists to help local churches, associations, and state conventions in the planting of healthy churches and the revitalization of existing churches.

Several ministry scholarships are available for undergrad and graduate students.

Students can get involved in the community and churches through NGU outreach ministries. Some of these opportunities include:        Impact Teams, Joyful Sound, Act II and NGU Campus Band

Get to know our state churches and Baptist associations through the resources provided by the South Carolina Baptist Convention.

Learn what ministry opportunists are available in our area.

NGU's Baptist Student Union aims to create an atmosphere of fellowship among our students through ministry, activity and weekly meetings every Thursday at 7:00pm.