The Cline School of Music: Ensembles: Orchestra

Under the direction of Dr. Michael Weaver, the NGU Orchestra is one of eight performing ensembles in the Cline School of Music and is open to students from all academic majors. Membership is by audition with the Orchestra Director. The NGU Orchestra provides a high quality orchestral experience for future music educators, church musicians, and performers. It performs sacred and standard orchestral masterworks providing music for chapel and for several concerts on and off campus every semester.

The integration of faith with orchestral performance is what sets NGU's orchestra apart from other university orchestras. Prayer before rehearsals and performances, mentoring by Christian artist- faculty, and the Christ-centered atmosphere of the campus foster each student's artistic, intellectual, and spiritual growth.

NGU Orchestra members are also invited to take part in orchestra mission trips. Eight NGU Orchestra students and three NGU music faculty participated in our most recent trip in March 2011 to Israel with well-known sacred orchestrator and church musician Camp Kirkland. They met orchestral musicians from around the United States, forming a 26-piece orchestra and performing six sacred concerts throughout Israel in eight days.Orchestra mission trips offer student musicians an opportunity to support a missionary partner while touring. The missionary partner arranges the concerts with a clearly articulated message about the gospel and a personal relationship with our living Savior. The speaking, music, and personal testimonies from the musicians and the missionaries is a great and powerful combination, presenting the gospel to unbelievers, and strengthening and renewing believers' love for the Lord.

Orchestra mission trips assist missionaries in building new relationships and strengthen existing ones; they provide a nonthreatening cultural event to which believers invite their family, friends and neighbors; and they assist missionaries in developing partnerships with congregational leaders in their homelands and help to broaden their support network of believers and churches back home in the United States.