Coaching Emphasis

In response to a significant demand for educated and certified coaches in community sport, high school, intercollegiate athletics and professional sport, North Greenville’s Sport Management Program has responded with a major in Sport Management with either a business emphasis or a coaching certification.

The coaching certification emphasis stays within NGU’s mission of integrating academic programs to include the Christian lifestyle, and an enriched cultural experience by offering course work producing Christian sport management business or coaching leaders for the future.

After reviewing other coaching education programs, as well as the requirements of the National Council for Accreditation of Coaching Education (NCACE), which grants accreditation to educational programs that meet or exceed the minimum requirements, NGU, under the direction of Dr. Ralph Johnson and Dr. Jeff Briggs, has created this specialized program which present NGU majors were highly interested in. 

Students interested in pursuing this sport management specialty program, can contact the NGU School of Business and Sport Professions.

Bachelor of Science in Sport Management

The Sport Management degree has two tracks which a student may choose. Depending upon career objectives in the Sport Profession, the student may select either the Business Track or the Coaching Certification Track.

  • The Business Track is designed for individuals who desire to become managers, administrators, entrepreneurs, and leaders in the sport profession with a primary emphasis on management in the Sport Profession.
  • The Coaching Certification Track is designed for individuals who desire a sport management career in the coaching area of the Sport Profession.

The Sport Management Department’s mission statement and its five broad-based learning goals are consistent with the University’s mission and its broad-based goals.

The Sport Management Department exists to serve the University as part of the College of Business & Sport Professions preparation of men and women as professional sport leaders equipped as managers or coaches to take the Gospel of Jesus Christ into the Sport Profession.

The Learning Goals established for business and coaching degree candidates are to:

  1. Acquire knowledge in specific core content areas including management, marketing, finance, communication, law/liability, and leadership applicable to the sport management and coaching professions.
  2. Demonstrate critical thinking skills applicable to the curriculum of the sport management and coaching professions.
  3. Advance oral, written, and interpersonal communication skills applicable to the needs of the sport management and coaching professions.
  4. Acquire relevant experiences in which knowledge obtained in sport management and coaching coursework can be successfully applied to the sport management or coaching professions.
  5. Integrate faith and a Christian Worldview applicable to all the areas of the sport management and coaching professions.