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Majors are categorized first by academic discipline (Arts, Sciences) and then in alphabetical order.

Your required course of study is determined by which official catalog was in effect when you entered the program. The catalogs presently in effect are the 2009-2011 edition,  the Fall-2011 edition,  Fall-2012 and the Fall-2013 edition. If you are uncertain which catalog applies to you, please contact your academic advisor.  The 2009-2011 is a two-year catalog and then in Fall-2011, the transition was made to a one-year catalog.  

If you were a Broadcast Media major who entered the program between Fall 2009 and Summer 2011, you would download the "2009-2011"  worksheet.  If you enter a program between Fall-2011 and Summer 2012, you will download the Fall-2011 worksheet. Updated worksheets will be posted each Fall.

The linked documents are PDFs.  Most users should be able to download and view them as long as they have the Microsoft Office suite installed on their system.

If for any reason you are unable to view a file, please contact the Registrar's Office.


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Bachelor of Science Degree Programs (B.S.)

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