2012 Worldview Conference Breakout Sessions

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Craft - Hemphill 201

 Dr. Ron Marks*

 Lisa Van Riper*

 Philip Williams*

 Joe Mack

Craft - Hemphill 202

 Lisa Van Riper*

 Dr. Walter Johnson*

 Joe Mack

 Dr. Tony Beam*

Craft - Hemphill 203

 Dr. Ron Marks*

 Dr. Tony Beam*

 Dr. Walter Johnson*

 Philip Williams*

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*Confirmed Speakers


 Speaker Topics and Bios


"Your Worldview:  Are you an 'Oreo' or a 'Hug'?" with Lisa Van Riper*


This seminar will introduce the definition and components of a worldview and will discuss the implications of having a fragmented view of the world.


Lisa Van Riper is the Director of the Honors Scholar Program and Public Affairs for North Greenville University and adjunct instructor for Political Science. As Director of the Honors Scholar Program, she teaches a seminar, "Worldview and Philosophy of Life."  Lisa Van Riper was a Phi Beta Kappa, a Magna Cum Laude graduate of Furman University in Political Science, and holds a Masters of Public Administration Degree from the University of South Carolina. Prior experience includes staff with Greenville County Council, adjunct instructor for USC- Spartanburg (now Upstate), and Executive Director of Putting Families First, for which she was awarded the Order of the Palmetto and the National Governor's Association Award for Distinguished Service.  She has served on the SC State Board of Education and currently serves on the SC First Steps Board.  She is President of SC Citizens for Life.  She is an active member of First Presbyterian Church, Greenville.  She is married to attorney, Donald Van Riper.  Lisa says that her and her husband have, "two daughters, two sons-in-law, and two objectively cute grandsons."







The Archaeological Evidence of Noah's Flood:

  NAMI's Ararat discovery with Philip Williams*


This seminar will discuss the discovery of brand new evidence of the flood as according to scriptures that Hong Kong explorers just discovered in 2010.

Philip Williams was completing his twenty-year systematic investigation of the archaeological evidence of a worldwide Flood when Hong Kong explorers announced their 2010 discovery on Mount Ararat in eastern Turkey. Pottery found in what appears the remains of Noah's Ark relate to a type that archaeologists see originating on the plains of Ararat and from which the author traces a second worldwide dispersion of mankind. Using forensic analysis, Williams had previously identified what are now understood as ancient religious burials as in fact resulting from a worldwide Flood dated by radiocarbon to about 2400 BC. Should his detailed findings withstand the intense scrutiny that the author invites, what he discovered will rewrite the history of the ancient world, returning belief and learning to the biblical foundations that the West has rejected since the era of the Enlightenment.



American History: The Politically Incorrect Version with Dr. Tony Beam*

This session will take a comical approach to the history of America: How politicians view our history and how we should view our history from a Christian Worldview perspective.


Dr. Tony Beam

received his B.A. from Limestone College in Gaffney, South Carolina in 1980.  He went on to receive a Master of Divinity from Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary in Wake Forest, North Carolina in 1990. In May of 2002, Beam completed his Doctor of Ministry from Southern Baptist Theological Seminary as well. In August of 2007, Beam was named Vice President for Student Services in addition to directing the Worldview Center.  Dr. Beam is also the host of Christian Worldview Today, a radio program of Christian Talk 660.  Christian Worldview Today can be found at 660 AM, 92.9 FM, and online at ChristianTalk660.com.  As the Director of the Christian Worldview Center, Beam states, "I have the joy and priviledge of speaking in chuurches and at conferences about the importance of possessing and clearly expressing the Christian Worldview as it relates to every area of life.  I seek to influence the culture and defend the Christian faith through teaching, the radio program, speaking, and writing.




 Session on Public Policy with Joe Mack






Joe Mack served as Director of Public Policy for the South Carolina Baptist Convention from 1999 till his retirement in December of 2010.  Before serving South Carolina Baptists Joe spent 30 years in South Carolina Government, first as Deputy Director of Human Resources for the Budget and Control Board, and later as Deputy Director of the Budget and Control Board.  Joe finished up his service in South Carolina Government as Deputy Director of the South Carolina Retirement System. 

As Director of Public Policy with the Christian Worldview Center, Joe works with the South Carolina Legislature to pass laws that reflect biblical values.  He also works with the South Carolina Congressional Delegation making sure the Christian worldview is being heard in Washington, D.C.

Joe and his wife Beverly live in Columbia where they are faithful members of Shandon Baptist Church.  They have a daughter, Meredith, and two granddaughters, Elizabeth (11) and Mary Austin (8).


Session with Dr. Walter Johnson* 



Dr. Walter Johnson is the Christian Studies Division Chair at North Greenville University.

 Session with Dr. Ron Marks*

 Dr. Ron Marks is a professor at North Greenville University of Chemistry, Science and Mathematics.  Dr. Marks is also the Chair for the NGU Faculty.

* Denotes confirmed speakers