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Please contact Maria Kithcart, Associate Director of Adult and Graduate Admissions, for more information or to answer any questions concerning the DMin program.

Download the DMin Application Packet


The complete application packet is contained in a single PDF file. (Be advised that you will need to print multiple copies of certain forms, such as the transcript request form, and the character reference form. 


Admission Portfolio Instructions


  1. Complete all items on the Application for Admission form; attach a recent passport style Photograph, and credit card information or a check in the amount of $50 for the non-refundable Application Fee.
  2. Submit a 10-page, 3-part essay that includes: (a) A description of your salvation and Christian discipleship experiences, how God called you to ministry, and how you have been able to serve voluntarily and professionally; (b) A summary of your professional and educational goals; and (c) A response to the provided case study concerning an actual ministry scenario or problem. Essays must be double-space and submitted in Microsoft Word format (.doc) or as a PDF.
  3. Secure Five Character Reference forms from individuals qualified to judge your potential for ministry and your capacity for growth through an advanced study program.  References should include: a former professor in masterís level studies, a colleague outside your church or agency, a denominational leader, a lay leader in your church or agency, and a community leader outside your church or agency. Please ask the individual to mail the form directly to the Graduate Enrollment office.
  4. Choose a church or employment reference and have the person complete the Church/Employer Recommendation form. Please ask the individual to mail the form directly to the Graduate Enrollment office.
  5. Miller Analogies Test (MAT).  Information concerning this test may be obtained from the Psychological Corporation, 555 Academic Court, San Antonio, TX  78204 (1.800.228.0752). Website:  www.MillerAnalogies.com. An MAT score report from the past five years will be accepted.
  6. Interview with the Dean of the Graduate School of Christian Ministry.
  7. Request your Official Transcripts using the form provided in this packet. (Make duplicates as needed.)

If you have questions, or require assistance, you may contact Tawana Scott, Assistant Vice President of Graduate Academic Services, directly at the following numbers or e-mail address:

Phone: (864) 877-1598 Fax: (864) 877-1653
E-mail: tawana.scott@ngu.edu



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