DMin Scholarships

The scholarship application are placed here for the convenience of North Greenville University Doctor of  Ministry Students.  North Greenville University is not affiliated with these groups.  The scholarships are award solely on the decisions by the perspective boards or the agencies.  Please DO NOT mail any of the applications to NGU.   Mail the applications directly to the foundations.   

South Carolina Baptist Foundation Scholarship

To qualify for this scholarship you must be a member of a South Carolina Baptist Church.  Please follow the instructions completely.  The deadline for this scholarship is April 30 for the following academic year.  Please read and follow the Application Explanation document when submitting this application.

2009-2010 Baptist Foundation Scholarship App Explanation.doc

Baptist Foundation Scholarship Application.pdf

Champions for Christ Scholarship

To qualify for this scholarship you must be called to Christian Ministry.  The Directions for submitting the application must be followed completely to ensure that you are not disqualified.  The application must be downloaded from the Champions for Christ website.  The deadlines are as follows:  Summer--April 1, Fall--July 1, Spring--November 1.  Any scholarships that are submitted after the deadline will not be considered.  If you have applied for this scholarship before but did not get it, apply as if you have never applied.

Champions for Christ

Missionary Emergency Relief Fund Scholarship

To qualify for this scholarship you must be the child of a fulltime missionary or pastor, or you must be called to Christian Ministry.  The deadline for submitting all application material for the scholarship is April 1 for the following academic year.  In addition to the two page application, supplementary material must be submitted.  These materials include:  1) a personal statement from the applicant about his/her course of study and how it relates to his/her intended vocation; 2) estimated budget information that justifies or explains the expenses listed on page 1 ; and 3) the form from the school official (page 3 of the applicaiton) that certifies that the applicant's status as a student in good standing (minimum "C" average).   

MEF Instructions for Application 2013

MEF Certificate of Good Standing

MEF Student Grant Application 2013

MEF Student Grant Application 2013 pdf