English Degree | Humanities

What to Expect:

Earning an English degree at North Greenville will equip you to continue your education in graduate school or to enter an English-related profession such as copywriting and editing.  Professors work to provide English majors with the opportunity to read diverse literature with insight and pleasure as well as to write with critical facility and imagination.  When you graduate, you will have the ability to write clear expository prose, to think and read critically, and an understanding of difference literary genres and the scope of literature. For more ideas of practical uses of an English degree, visit our Helpful Links.

Classes and Requirements:

As an English major you will be required to earn at least 128 hours including the general education courses listed below.  For those of you transferring into our program, at least 18 hours in the major must be taken at North Greenville.  Of the 45 hours you will take within the department, 18 hours must be from the following areas: Cultural Identity Studies (6 hrs.), Literary Masterpieces (6hrs.), and Writing (6hrs).   You must also complete our Senior Seminar course.

To be officially accepted into the degree program, you must complete:
•    All general education requirements
•    Freshman composition courses (English 1310 and 1320) with a “C” or better
•    Nine additional hours of sophomore literature classes (British Literature Iⅈ American Literature I&II) with a “C” or better

To complete the program once you have been accepted requires:
•    Proficiency in a foreign language at or above the third semester college level (through a recognized proficiency exam or by earning 6 hours in foreign language courses at or above the 2000 level)
•    A cumulative GPA of 2.00 or better

To download a curriculum worksheet, click here.