NGU Logos & Insignia Downloads

Guidelines for Use


One of the most common requests received by the Office of Public Relations is for digital copies of University identity materials such as the university crest, the Crusader mascot, and other devices commonly used on signage and in printed materials for NGU. This download page is presented as a service, and is intended to assist those producing official materials for NGU Colleges and Departments, students preparing academic or organizational work, and for members of the press who need these materials for editorial purposes. 

Note: This is a new feature of our website, and is still in development. The downloadable files will be linked in the coming days. In the meantime, you may wish to bookmark this URL for easy access in the near future. 

Basic Usage Policy*

  1. Let common sense rule the day. If it seems like a copyright violation, assume it is.
  2. These materials are presented with the expectation that they will be used in an editorial or otherwise official context, or for personal academic or non-commercial use. In virtually every case, authorized commercial productions using these images will have originated within a University department and the proper files will have been provided to you.
  3. These materials are to be used without malice and without any derogatory sentiment toward the University or any party employed by or associated with the university. (See item 1. If it seems like slander, or tortious defamation, assume it is.)
  4. These materials may not be formally altered, whether by changing their colors, typography or overall structure. If you have a project that might require a significant change to any element within these images, begin by contacting the Office of Public Relations with a request for a customized image along with a description of your intended use of the image.
  5. Permission to download and use these materials does not in any way imply or provide license to second parties to produce retail materials featuring these devices. These materials are the intellectual property of North Greenville University, which retains their copyright (trademarks pending). A license must be obtained by unaffiliated second parties prior to production of any for-profit merchandise.
  6. Any item produced by NGU faculty, staff or students for public consumption featuring these images must be approved by relevant University personnel. Use your best judgment. When in doubt, clear materials with your Vice President or faculty adviser. Be advised: Use of the NGU Crest implies official University approval of your content. Always be sure that is the case.
  7. Promotional flyers to be posted on campus must be approved by the Office of Student Services, and must contain the official crest.

* The content of this page should be considered a brief policy statement covering the most common usage errors and many common questions asked about the use of NGU identity materials. This is not the full and complete usage policy. NGU reserves the right to vigorously protect its intellectual property as well as its reputation. NGU reserves the right to expand and revise this policy for any reason and without public notice. For accurate and up-to-date information on policies governing the use of NGU identity materials, contact the Office of Public Relations at 864-977-7013.