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At North Greenville University, weíre constantly looking for ways to make a quality, Christian education more affordable for our students ó the difference makers of the future. That's why we've created the Difference Maker Fund.

When you give to NGUís Difference Maker Fund, your gift goes directly to our students who have the greatest need. These funds help cover the cost of tuition, supplies, textbooks, and other miscellaneous educational expenses, so our students can worry less and learn more.

The Difference Maker Fund allows generous people like you to meet the immediate needs of current students. When you give to the Difference Maker Fund, you help NGU students succeed in school now and in their future as difference-makers in the world. 

For more information, contact Jason Ross at (864) 977-7026 or by email at jason.ross@ngu.edu.

Contributions can be received by check or online through the secured payment portal. Your gift today is tax deductible.  

According to page 6 of IRS publication 526 (2016), charitable contributions made to a qualified organization for the benefit of a specific individual is not tax deductible. You can deduct a contribution to a qualified organization that helps needy and worthy individuals if you donít indicate that your contribution is for a specific person.   



"Having a degree and certification, Iíll get to teach anywhere and reach more people with music and Jesus.Ē

Ruby Lee

Class of 2020 (Expected)

Music Education Major


The Christian Ministry Scholarship Fund (CMSF) was established to provide an opportunity to support students who want to earn their degree in ministry. Graduates of these programs are prepared to serve as pastors, missionaries, church planters, worship leaders, youth & children ministers, chaplains, counselors, media ministers and more.  Today, theyíre making a difference worldwide.

Founded in 1997 by 85 charter members, the CMSF endowment was established to provide greater college affordability for those students moving towards ministry.

How do students benefit from the CMSF?

Every scholarship dollar awarded to students through the CMSF helps to offset their tuition costs and in turn, minimizes the accumulation of student debt typically accrued over a four (4) year period.  While North Greenville University does all it can to keep education affordable, many students who choose to attend the university have little in the way of family resources.  You gift truly makes a difference.

How much difference can your gift make?

More than you can imagine! Your gift, large or small, is combined with the gifts of others to provide a continually growing fund that is preserved in the form of an endowment.  The endowment then earns interest each year which is used to fund that yearís scholarships.  Itís all possible because your gift is combined with the next gift, plus the next gift, plus the next, which together, increases the number of students we can help prepare for ministry.

Thanks to our dedicated and faithful donors, the CMSF has surpassed $3 million with all proceeds from the fund applied 100% to scholarships.  And, with over 400 ministry students studying at NGU each year, CMSF is blessing and influencing the next generation of ministry leaders.

How does a student apply to receive a scholarship?

CMSF is guided by a Board of Directors consisting of 36 men and women. This Board interviews each student who applies and then awards scholarships on an annual basis.  Every applicant is asked to give his or her Christian testimony and discuss their specific call to ministry.  Applicants must also be a full time student and maintain a minimum 2.50 GPA.

Ways to Give

You can choose to make a one-time gift to the Christian Ministry Scholarship Fund (CMSF) or become an annual Member donating $150 or more per year.

Contributions can be received by check or online through the secured payment portal.

Your gift today is tax deductible.

For Donors interested to include the CMSF in their legacy planning, please contact our Dr. Phil Gardner at phil.gardner@ngu.edu or (864) 977-7014.

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