The Academic Village at Tigerville - $4.25 Million

Our long range planning models show the Academic Village at Tigerville as a center for economic and academic activity. The vision for this development is to expand the Universities footprint north from the intersection of Highway 414 and 253. By providing buildings that can serve as both commercial enterprises and classrooms, we hope to generate economic activity for the community and educational opportunities for our faculty, staff and students.

Underlying this plan is the sure foundation of honoring Christ as we build the village. Offering retail shops, a museum, food venues and convenience store will attract families of prospect students as well as tourist and community residents. In doing so it will allow us to share the gospel of Christ as we give testimony to what He has done both in our lives and at North Greenville University.

Some of the benefits of this development to NGU:

  • Expanded Academic Offices & Classrooms
  • Opportunities for local businesses to interact with NGU
  • Additional Dining & Shopping for the NGU community
  • Increased profile for Tigerville as a "place to be"