Multipurpose Indoor Athletic/Worship Center - $6 Million


This facility is essential if the University is going to respond to our projected growth rate for the next eight years. Enrollment has surpassed 2,400. Nearly 1,500 of these students live on campus and all of them are required to participate in weekly worship services. Our basketball and volleyball teams currently play in a gym built in 1950 to accommodate a student body of 1,000. With a student athlete population of over 300, our need for a new indoor venue is clear. When we consider the anticipated addition of 100 plus undergraduates each year, we realize that plans which seemed optimistic less than five years ago are no longer adequate to meet our current needs.

A facility designed to accommodate our entire community for weekly worship services, graduation ceremonies, concerts and conferences will allow us to extend the life of several current buildings and provide critical spaces need for our expanding student body.

Features of this facility would include:

  • Lobby with Concession Areas
  • Arena Seating for 3,000-5,000 individuals
  • President's Box for entertaining donors and guests
  • Men's & Women's Dressing Rooms