Science Building Renovation and Addition - $2.5 Million

The most urgent need of the campaign is the renovation to current facilities and completion of an addition to the Crain Science Building. The completed project would provide laboratory and teaching spaces for the study of mathematics, physics, chemistry, biology, psychology, sociology and the computer sciences.

It is impossible to overstate the need for these facilities and the impact this single project will have on the forty-five faculty, six full time staff and over 2,400 deserving students presently using this fifty-year-old facility.

New and renovated spaces would include:

  • Twelve lecture classrooms - an increase of five
  • Eleven laboratories - an increase of six
  • Three Computers rooms - an increase of one
  • Three Research Areas - an increase of three
  • An Animal Room - an increase of one
  • Eight Storage Rooms - an increase of three
  • Forty-nine Offices - an increase of nineteen
  • Seven restrooms - an increase of four
  • Two Break rooms - an increase of one