Dr. Arnold EmeryDr. Melvin Younts

An open letter from our GIFT God Campaign Co-Chairmen:


Dear Friends of North Greenville University:

When the University's Board of Trustees established our $25 million G.I.F.T. God Capital Campaign plans in the spring of 2010, we began the quiet phase of our efforts to seek funding for our most pressing needs. It was agreed that once we surpassed fifty percent of our goal we would take our efforts public.
Within three months of our public announcement, we met and surpassed our initial goal of $25 million, thank the Lord, and have established a new "Hallelujah Goal" for the remaining years of the campaign term.

It is our hope that our faithful friends will be inspired by the evidence of God's blessings upon North Greenville to take this good news, sow it and grow it. May the world understand the success of the Gift God Campaign as a testimony to what the Lord is doing and will continue to do on our campus and through those we send forth into His service.

We give thanks for the generous gifts we are receiving from the people of God. Considering the economic times in which we live, our success reminds us that with God all things are possible. It's hard not to reflect on the verse in Proverbs 16:3 which states: "Commit your work to the Lord, and your plans will be established."
You are invited to explore the pages of this website to learn more about each of the seven major areas for which we are seeking funding. You'll find them in a quick, easy to read table by clicking the Campaign Priorities button on the left side of this page. Once there you can also read in detail why this is a priority and how it will impact the cause of Christ at NGU. Other tabs will include details such as artist renderings of our proposed Multipurpose Indoor Athletic/Worship Center and the addition and renovation to the Crain Science Building.
Keep us in your prayers and bookmark this page so you can follow the progress of our G.I.F.T. God Campaign.
Dr. Arnold Emery (Left) & Dr. Melvin Younts (Right)