Giving to NGU | Fundraising

Message from the Vice President for University Advancement

Alex MillerI drafted guidelines for a scholarship recently to honor a deceased husband and father which read like this: "...this scholarship is established for the glory of God and to support North Greenville University's mission to provide a quality education in a biblically sound, Christ-centered environment."

These few statements are at the heart of what the Advancement and Development professionals of NGU do. Our staff is made up of Christian men and women called to fulfill their ministries in the various areas of fund raising and real estate development.

North Greenville University's motto is "Christ Makes the Difference."  In Luke chapter22, v.27ff scripture teaches us about "one who serves." Our goals are to meet what we believe are needs of the kingdom in this place. If your intent is to invest part of your resources in things that matter, we humbly submit that NGU is one such place.

Please let us know what questions you have about North Greenville University and how we can serve you.

In Christian partnership,

Alex Miller