Graduate School Faculty

Administration & Program Leadership

Dr. Sam Isgett - Vice President for Graduate Studies

Dr. Tawana Scott - Assistant Vice President of Graduate Academic Services

Dr. Shelley Dugle - Dean, Graduate School of Education

Dr. Ron Gregory - Dean, Graduate School of Business

Dr. Marianne Holland - Director, Master of Music Education

Dr. Larry McDonald - Director, Doctor of Ministry Studies; Dean, Graduate School of Christian Ministry 

DMin / MCM

Full Time Faculty

Dr. Bill Cashion

Adjunct Faculty

Dr. Michael White

Dr. Todd Stewart

Dr. Hayne Griffin

Dr. Kenneth Hemphill

Dr. Walter Johnson

Dr. Richard Blackaby 


Full Time Faculty

Dr. Tracy Kramer

Dr. Ed Sherbert

Dr. Mel Sinclair

Adjunct Faculty

Dr. Jon Rogers

Dr. Eddie Maddox

Grant Edwards


Full Time Faculty

Dr. Michael Butler

Dr. Harold Long

Adjunct Faculty

Dr. David Cudd

Dr. Christopher Davis

Dr. Jo Ann Garrett

Dr. Cheryl Greene

Dr. Jackie Griffin

Dr. Mary Ann Solesbee

Dr. Beckie Stiegel

Dr. Constance Wright