(864) 977-7000

Event Information

        • Date:  Friday, December 9, 2016
        • Time: 2:00 p.m.
        • Location:  Turner Chapel
        • Tickets:  Tickets are not required.    
        • Guests: Guests may enter the Chapel one hour prior to the event.
        • Graduates:   12:45 p.m. Must be in place in Hayes Ministry Center.

Graduates should check their NGU email and bookmark this page for graduation updates throughout the semester.

If special circumstances exist which will prevent your participation in the Graduation Ceremony, please inform the Registrar's Office at (864) 977-7009 or email Tina Wells.

IMPORTANT:  Graduates should check their home address listed on Student Portal.  The hometown and state will be listed on the graduation program. 


Schedule Change & Transfer Work


If schedule changes are made during the semester, make sure the changes are approved by your Academic Advisor and the Registrar's Office.  Changes made during your final semester could delay your graduation date.  Transcripts for transfer credit (Credits that have not been posted to your NGU transcript) must be received in the Registrar's Office by December 1, 2016.


Graduation Fee


All graduates are required to pay a Graduation Fee of $150.  The fee includes cap, gown, hood and diploma. Even if you do not plan to attend the graduation ceremony, you must pay the fee. Payment may be made on Student Portal or contact our Business Office.  Your Graduation Fee must be paid and any holds must be cleared before you can pick up your cap and gown. 


Cap and Gown Pick Up


Undergraduates - TBA


NGU-Online (CAPS) students should contact Vickie Kemp at (864) 663-7516


Graduate School (i.e. DMIN, MAT, MBA, MCM, M.Ed) should contact Suzanne Sellers at 864.877-3052.


Graduation Celebration


To be announced.


Graduation Rehearsal


Graduation rehearsal will be held on Thursday, December 8, 2016 - time TBA in Turner Chapel.  It is important that graduates attend rehearsal.   


Graduation Attire


Male graduates should wear dark shoes with dark socks and dark dress pants with a white dress shirt.

Female graduates should wear a Sunday dress or black dress pants with a nice blouse, and dress shoes.

NO flip flops or tennis shoes  


Graduation Reception


A reception will be held immediately following the graduation ceremony in Todd Dining Hall.


Graduation DVD


A DVD  of the ceremony may be ordered at graduation rehearsal or on graduation day at the ceremony for $20. A table will be set up with order forms and orders will be taken at these times only.


Graduation Photographs


Grad Images will take three photographs of every graduate at the ceremony.  Proofs will be sent the home address and email of each student.Class Photo - A group photo will be taken on graduation day of both the Undergraduates and the Graduate Students.  Please be on time - - group photo time will be 1:00 p.m.  Visit the GradImages Website at www.gradimages.com and click on the Pre-Event Email Registration.


Josens Price List

Jostens Ring Price List

Our Jostens Representative will be on campus Thursday, September 22 between 2 4:30 p.m. in the bookstore lobby area.  Graduation supplies such as announcements may be ordered during this time.  Cap and Gowns for anticipated graduates will be ordered by the Registrar's Office.

Class Rings - Juniors and Seniors may view and order class rings in our University Bookstore,   meet with the Jostens Rep in September or visit  http://www.jostens.com/


SUMMER 2017, SUMMER 2017 and FA-2017 Graduates


Undergraduates: If you are finishing your coursework in SP-17 or SU-17, your Application for Graduation is DUE.  The application is available on-line on the Registrar's Page or in the Registrar's Office in Neves.  Students planning to graduate in FA-17 should submit an Application for Graduation before Thanksgiving Break.

Graduate Students - contact Suzanne Sellers at (864) 877-3052.

CAPS Students - contact your Academic Advisor




If you graduated in May 2013 or before, check with Chip Sloan photography for graduation photos at: www.chipsloanphotography.com

FA-2013 through SP-15 graduates may contact Phil Hyman Photography at: www.philhyman.com

or call (864) 235-7864.

Student graduating FA-15 or after should contact www.gradimages.com regarding graduation photos.