Graffiti Found on NGU Building

Indeed, it is true. A group of "vandals" were set loose upon the walls of one of North Greenville University's new buildings - but their cause was righteous. The "shocking" phrases? God's own Truth: The Gospel!

As part of a ministry effort to serve the construction crews working on the new structures, members of the Baptist Student Union (BSU) decorated the interior walls of the Christian Worldview Center with scripture verses, prayers, and artwork intended as a blessing for the site and a message for those working on the building. 

Naturally, these walls will all be covered over with drywall, so none of the graffiti will be visible when the building is complete. Though one can imagine that if this building were ever to be dismantled a century from now, those workers, too, would discover the messages left by these students. 

The BSU's ministry to the construction crews is not limited to late night spray-painting. Students bring refreshments to the workers, and pray for their safety and salvation (if any are not yet saved). 

The NGU community is invited to join in this ministry as well. Please pray for our construction crews, that they find their burdens light, that they are protected from injury, and most of all that any of them who do not yet know the Lord may come to know Him while on the NGU campus.