Grand Piano for Sale

The Cline School of Music at North Greenville University is selling a Kawai Concert Grand piano model KG8C, serial # 668995 (cir. 1973).

Bids will be taken.

The piano was serviced regularly while at NGU, and includes a dolly and cover. Two keytops are missing; the school of music can direct interested buyers to qualified technicians who can recommend improvements on the instrument.

 Bids for the piano “as is” start at $3,000. For information please contact Fabio Parrini at the NGU Piano Dept. , (864) 977-7087 or

Bids received before Oct. 1st, 2011 are assured consideration; if multiple winning bids are received, the earliest will have priority.

Please send bids to: Fabio Parrini, Cline School of Music, North Greenville University, POB 1892, Tigerville SC 29688.

View photographs of the piano.