Interdisciplinary Studies Program


INTERDISCIPLINARY STUDIES at North Greenville University is an innovative program allowing the student to concentrate on two disciplines AND develop a full range of integrative skills (like creative synthesis, conceptual blending, dialogue, and multi-cultural thinking) which have proven to be highly marketable in today's global culture. But something even more important is at stake with regard to interdisciplinary thinking in an expressly Christian educational environment. Here...

It's all about MOTION:

In a rapidly changing, rapidly diversifying world, Christian students need to be prepared for MOVEMENT, creative and transformative movement across myriad boundaries. Such boundaries include those between disciplines (with their limited perspectives and methodologies); those between cultures, languages, and philosophies; those between worldview and lifeworld (the head and the heart); and, to be sure, those boundaries between what Augustine termed the "City of God" and the "City of Man." A Christian interdisciplinarian is a person who is equipped to move across these territories (and more), ALL in an effort to "bridge and build" for the kingdom of God.

It's a matter of MOTIVATION:

In an age of energetic and purposed integration, Christian students must embrace their twofold role as INTEGRATORS: discipline connects with discipline, knowledge with knowledge, method with method, ALL for the sake of interfacing with the world at large such that the redemptive way of Jesus is received and lived out in its many cultural manifestations. (Which is the reason we are involved in urban ministries; see below!)

Some Popular Couplings (University-Wide)

Linguistics and Spanish
Christian Studies and Mass Communications
American Studies (English and History)
Theatre and Mass Communications
Art and Marketing
Spanish and Public Relations
Christian Studies and Music
English and Christian Studies
Build Your Own Concentration--
Pursue Your Own Interests

Some Graduate Schools Attended by IDS Graduates

  • Fuller Theological Seminary (2)
  • Southeastern Theological Seminary (4)
  • Middle America Seminary
  • Dallas Theological Seminary
  • Liberty University Graduate Program in Social Work
  • Auburn University Graduate Program in Linguistic Pathology
  • University of Georgia, Doctoral Program in Languages
  • Converse College M.F.A in Creative Writing
  • Converse College, Master of Marriage and Family Therapy
  • University of South Carolina Masters Program in Linguistics (3)
  • Armstrong State University, Masters Public History Program
  • University of Puerto Rico Masters in Linguistics (upcoming year)
  • Bakke University (Seattle) Masters Program in Urban Development (upcoming year)

Some Careers of IDS Graduates

  • United States Marine Corps, Linguistic Intelligence, Officers Program
  • Journalist, Washington, D.C.
  • Marketing Coordinator, Elliot Wave International, Atlanta
  • Media Buyer, Infinity Marketing, Greenville
  • Territory Manager, Liberty Mutual Insurance
  • Banking (3)
  • Real Estate Sales
  • Relational Sales Specialist, Apple Inc.
  • Cognitive Specialist, Learning RX, Greenville
  • Student Recruiter, Southern Wesleyan University
  • Oral Narrative Specialist/Writer, Miracle Hill City Ministries
  • Children’s Assistant, Hope Reach Nonprofit Program
  • Historic Interpreter, Old Fort Jackson, Savannah
  • Legal Interpreter, Greenville Law Firm
  • Hospital Interpreter (Spanish), Greenville Memorial
  • IT Specialist, The Cliffs Communities
  • Missions, Bolivia
  • Missions, Kuwait (Teaching English as a Second Language)
  • English Teacher, Kunming, China
  • English Teacher, South Korea
  • Church Plant, Bakersfield California (2)
  • Music Minister/Media Technician, Christian Life Center, Pennsylvania
  • Minister of Music, Grace Church, Greenville
  • Owner of Crimson Pillar, a Christian Production Company
  • Independent Actor/Screen Writer, Los Angeles
  • Spanish Teacher, Shannon Forest Christian School
  • High School/Middle School English Teacher, Hawaii
  • Montessori School Teacher, Greenville
  • Middle School Teacher, (PACE Program) Charleston
  • Child Care Director, U.S. Air Force Base, Charleston
  • High School Teacher, West Columbia High School
  • Teacher, Alternative Education (The Crossnore School), North Carolina
  • Teacher (English and Social Studies), The Youth Learning Institute, Clemson, University.
  • Teach For America Program, Charlotte
  • Librarian (3)
  • Events Coordinator, North Greenville University
  • Administrative Assistant, North Greenville University (2)
  • Aesthetics/Cosmetics Specialist, Greenville
  • Interior Design Assistant, Panageries Inc., Greenville

A First Step: Ask Yourself These Questions:

Do I:

  • Think outside the (disciplinary) box?
  • Have a variety of interests?
  • Want to be better prepared for our growing global culture and the information age?
  • Desire to connect everything to God?
  • Want to keep my career options open down the road?
  • Wish to link concepts and synthesize ideas?
  • Think with my heart (as well as with my head)?
  • Want my own body of knowledge to be relevant, useful in society at large?
  • Want to learn more than just a bunch of disciplinary facts?

If you answered “yes” to two or more of these questions, you may be an interdisciplinarian.