Welcome to the International Business Program

Globalization of markets in the era of knowledge and information is more evident than ever. Global trade and FDI-Foreign Direct Investment is growing fast and is affecting all businesses both in the international and domestic markets. In order to succeed, managers must be aware of the importance of trade agreements and supranational organizations, and to understand the behavior of the global financial market or, more specifically, the principles governing the behavior of financial assets, which also govern the behavior of exchange rates.

Students who major in international business at NGU will be able to learn how to manage and negotiate across borders and cultures, and to integrate Christian principles in international business decisions.

Students will also have the opportunity to become proficient in one or more foreign languages, and will be encouraged to do internship at overseas companies.


An Internationally Experienced Program Coordinator

Dr. Francisco Salles is the head of International Business Program with a distinguished professional and academic history in international business in the public, private, and educational sectors in Brazil, the United States, and a major contributor to projects in the following countries: Mexico, Barbados, Paraguay, Germany, Italy, Switzerland, England, Holland, France, Belgium, Canada, and Argentina. He is completely fluent in Portuguese, English, and a working knowledge of Spanish, French, and Italian.