Intramural Sports

The Intramural Sports program places an emphasis on sportsmanship, teamwork, and personal fitness within the context of a Christ-centered environment. Participation is encouraged for all regardless of skill level or past experience. Intramural sports are fun, free, and an excellent way to build relationships with those possessing similar interests.  Students who play intramural sports will learn how to interact in a group setting and also how to maintain good sportsmanship in a fast paced, competitive environment. 

North Greenville University Intramurals offers a wide variety of sports and recreation opportunities. Students, Graduate Students, Faculty, Staff and Alumni can participate in these different intramurals each semester.  Some of the sports we offer are: Flag Football, Co-ed Ultimate Frisbee, Dodgeball, Sand Volleyball, Softball, Basketball, Indoor Soccer, and many more.

Registration for Spring Intramurals Continues!!!!

We are opening up registration for Indoor Soccer and Co-ed Softball.  Co-ed Softball will be on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 3:30PM until 6:30PM and Indoor Soccer will be on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 8:00PM until Midnight.  If you have any questions please contact the intramural office.  Forms must be turned in by noon on Friday, March 21st. 

Co-ed Softball Registration Form

Indoor Soccer Registration Form


2013 - 2014 Intramural Champions

Co-ed Ultimate Frisbee - Business Casual
Co-ed Sand Volleyball - The Gagoozlers
Powder Puff Football - Sophomores
Flag Football - Got 'em
Air Force Football - No Huddle
Kickball - Banditos
Competitive Basketball - And 1
Recreation Basketball - Trillsong United
Women's Basketball - Lethal Ladies


2012 - 2013 Intramural Champions

Co-ed Ultimate Frisbee - Dynasty
Co-ed Sand Volleyball - 64 Pussycats (Rawr)
Powder Puff Football - Seniors
Flag Football - Got 'em
Air Force Football - The Six Four
Competitive Basketball - 64
Recreation Basketball - Admiral Akhbar
Women's Basketball - Lebron Janes
Kickball - The Banditos
Pool Tournament - Brandon Armour
Ping Pong Tournament - Gray Sutherland
Super Smash Bros. Tournament - (Team) Nate Brown and Chris Leach  - (Individual) Nate Brown
Halo 4 Tournament - (Team) Ben Montry, Joey Carter, Dylan Heath, Ognjen Radovic  - (Individual)  Ben Montry
Co-ed Softball - Pitchers and Catchers
Recreation Indoor Soccer - Stand Up Paddle Board Yoga
Competitive Indoor Soccer - Joga Bonito F.C.


2011-2012 Intramural Champions:

Flag Football - Got 'em
Co-ed Sand Volleyball - Gagoozlers
Powder Puff Football - Seniors
Ultimate Frisbee - Operation Costa
Dodgeball - The Stepdads
Spades Tournament - Austin Reynolds and Sean Stone
Men's Softball - The Boanerges
Women's Basketball - The Down Pour
Competitive Basketball - Swag
Recreation Basketball -  The Emancipators
Halo Reach Tournament - (Team) The Snake Pit - (Individual) Jordan Sepsey
Super Smash Bros. Tournament - (Team) Nate Brown and Chris Leach - (Individual) Austin Rowell
Pool Tournament - Christian Golden
Ping Pong Tournament - Jamie Harris
Co-ed Softball - Who Are They
Recreation Indoor Soccer - Derby County Futbol Club
Competitive Indoor Soccer - Wood E

2010-2011 Intramural Champions:

Flag Football - Got 'em  
Co-ed Sand Volleyball - No Doubt
Co-ed Ultimate Frisbee - Stacked
Dodgeball - The Ball Americans
Halo Reach Tournament - (Team) Team Headshot - (Individual) Sean Melancon
Disc Golf Tournament - Roy Comer and Kyle Martin
Spades Tournament - Jamarius Robinson and Rashad Simmons
Men's Softball - The Sons of Thunder
Women's League Basketball - The Bus Drivers
Competitive League Basketball - Ballaholics
Recreation League Basketball - Tune Squad
Co-ed Softball - Mudd Dawgs
Competitive League Indoor Soccer - Saprisa
Recreation League Indoor Soccer - The Brazillians


Dillon Key
Coordinator for Intramural Sports
Phone: (864)-977-7126

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