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Some of the most impactful gifts come to the school through Legacy Giving.  When you incorporate North Greenville University as part of your will or insurance policy, you will be investing in an institution whose primary purpose is to prepare young Christians for service and leadership through a life-changing Christian education.  Their lives will be shaped by your gift.

A legacy gift to North Greenville University is more than just a financial contribution. Itís part of a shared heritage and a belief that the things we do in this life has an eternal impact on the next.  Your gift can initiate a lifetime of opportunities for our students Ė on into the next generations. 

We thank you for your thoughtfulness to NGU and would be glad to provide you additional information as needed.  Below are a few common questions regarding Legacy Giving: 

A planned gift is a way you can allocate some or all of your assets while living that ensures the future growth and stability of NGU. A planned gift may be made during your lifetime or under your will. It might consist of cash, securities, personal property, real estate, trust plans, insurance policies or life estate retained. 

Yes, you can select NGU as one of the recipients in your will, a life insurance policy, etc.  Below are some traditional means for giving that you might consider.  Please feel free to contact the Office of Development for more details and of course, consult your attorney or financial planner as appropriate.

  • General Bequests:   A sum of money, or a percentage of your estate, for NGUís unrestricted use.
  • Designated Bequests:  This is money to be used for a specific purpose at NGU (if this option is for you, please contact our office to discuss your wishes)
  • Residuary Bequests:  This is money or property left over after specific bequests have been made.
  • Contingency Bequests: A gift to an alternate beneficiary in case your designated heirs have predeceased you.
  • Memorial Fund: A gift through which you can honor the memory of someone you admire.
  • Life Insurance:  This is a gift to NGU through purchasing a life insurance policy and listing North Greenville University as owner and beneficiary. An advantage of this type of gift are tax deductible premiums.
  • Testamentary Trust: This is a trust fund that sets aside part of your estate to be managed for North Greenville University. This type of fund can provide a lifetime income for your beneficiaries. The principal goes to NGU after their deaths.
  • Life Income Plans: These plans provide income now for you or a beneficiary. This option can save on taxes, while providing the university with working capital. Since there are several types, we can discuss further with you.
  • Charitable Remainder Annuity Trust: This is a fixed dollar amount each year which goes to you or your beneficiary. After a stated period, the remainder passes to NGU.
  • Charitable Remainder Untrust: This is similar to an annuity trust, except a fixed percentage of the trustís assets each year goes to you or your beneficiary.
  • Gift Annuity:  Here you can give money or securities to NGU and then, the university pays you a fixed income for life.
  • Deferred Annuity:  You make a gift to NGU and the college, in turns, pays an annuity to you or a beneficiary after a set period of time.


The Office of Development is happy to answer any questions you may have regarding Legacy Giving.  For information or to schedule an appointment, please contact, Julie Styles at (864) 663-0246 or via email at julie.styles@ngu.edu.




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