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The Modern Languages and Linguistics Department offers a minor in Linguistics.

Core courses required for all Linguistics Minor Students:
LING 2310  Introduction to Language 3 hours
LING 2320  Introduction to Linguistics 3 hours
LING 2330  Second Language Acquisition 3 hours
LING 3310  Sociolinguistics and Pragmatics 3 hours
LING 3320  Syntax and Morphology 3 hours
Subtotal 15 hours

Any one course from the list below:
LING 3330  Phonology and Phonetics 3 hours
LING 3340  Historical Linguistics 3 hours
ENGL 3307 History of the English Language 3 hours
ENGL 3315 Advanced Grammar and Style 3 hours
ENGL 3317 The Teaching of English as a Second Language 3 hours

The student may use the linguistics course in a modern language
in this program if the course is not used to fulfill any other requirement.

SPAN 3380  Spanish Linguistics 3 hours
Subtotal 3 hours

Total 18 hours