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Welcome to the Marketing program. The Marketing program at North Greenville University offers a liberal arts curriculum that leads to a Bachelor of Science degree in Marketing. Marketing is a process of creating, developing, and promoting value to customers and managing customer relationships.

The goals of the Marketing program at North Greenville University are to: (1) equip Marketing majors with the necessary tools to be successful in general management or sales positions; (2) to enable them to emphasize certain aspects of business such as accounting, economics, management, or marketing; (3) to stress the importance of Christian ethics in all areas of business; and (4) to enable them to integrate and analyze theoretical and real world information concerning strategic planning.

The program curriculum provides students with analytical, technical, and interpersonal skills needed to succeed in today’s competitive global markets. The program also encourages the development of high ethical standards in connection with current legal and business environments.

Popular Classes Include

  • Advertising: develop projects for real businesses
  • E-commerce: hands-on website experience
  • Brand Management: One of only two universities that offer this course at the undergraduate level
  • Internship: explore and prepare for your career
  • Intro to Tourism and Hospitality: students learn about the world's greatest industry and its exciting career opportunities 

About the Program

The Marketing Program builds on a foundation of basic liberal arts courses to prepare students to think critically in a dynamic world. The course sequence includes a selection of business courses including finance, marketing information systems, and management. There are diverse classes in marketing that prepare a student for many choices of careers including sales, research, nonprofit, advertising, tourism and hospitality, strategy, and management. 

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North Greenville's Marketing degree is regionally accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS). Advisors will provide an update course sequence form that, if followed successfully, will assure graduation in four years. 

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What our students are saying:

" I think the marketing program at North Greenville is focused on the student and preparing them for the real world. We're able to gain not only useful information but also hands-on experience both in and out of class."

- Afton Britt

Marketing Major

Class of 2012