MBA Recommended Course Sequence

In order to complete the program in the most expeditious manner, it is recommended that students stick to a single course sequence. Courses are offered in the following sequence, based on a full-time load of two courses per term.  Students who choose to take only one course per term or to take courses out of sequence will find that matriculation will require more than seven terms.

Term 1
BUSN 5000 Organizational Behavior
BUSN 5100 Issues in Professional Ethics

Term 2
BUSN 5210 Business Statistics
BUSN 5340 Human Resources

Term 3
MRKT 5310 The Marketing Process
BUSN 5220 Introduction to Financial Analysis

Term 4
ACCT 5310 Managerial Accounting (Pre-requisite BUSN 5370)
BUSN 5320 Quantitative Methods (Pre-requisite BUSN 5210)

Term 5
ECON 5310 Economics for Managers
BUSN 5360 Operations Management (Pre-requisite BUSN 5320)

Term 6
BUSN 5350 Research Methods (Pre-requisite BUSN 5320)
BUSN 5380 Financial Management (Pre-requisite BUSN 5220)

Term 7

BUSN 6300 Business Strategy (Pre-requisites:  BUSN 5380, MRKT 5310, & BUSN 5350)
BUSN 5315 Small Business and Entrepreneurship

FP Concentration Course Sequence

HR Concentration Course Sequence 

Course Sequence for Concentrations