MCM Evangelism and Missions Concentration

In order to graduate with an MCM with a concentration in Evangelism and Missions, students are required to take six of the following courses, in addition to the 12 courses required for the MCM.

Course Descriptions

CM 5305—Personal Evangelism

A study of to the nature and practice of evangelism with emphasis on its biblical, theological, and historical roots. Special attention will be given to the rationale and context for evangelization (3 credit hours).

CM 5306 – Contemporary Issues in Evangelism

A detailed study of current trends and opportunities in evangelism with special attention to effective, innovative evangelism ministries in specific churches and movements.

CM 5310—Evangelism and Church Planting

Focuses on starting new congregations primarily in western cultures. Much attention is given to spiritual principles, personnel, evangelistic strategies, and mass communication needed for success (3 credit hours).

CM 5311—Effective Evangelism for the Local Congregation

A study of the Biblical imperative of evangelism in light of current opportunities and the analysis of factors that are productive for church growth (3 credit hours).

CM 5312—Prayer and Spiritual Awakenings

The history of spiritual revival movements and the sociological milieu out of which these movements arose will be considered. A study of biblical links between prayer and spiritual awakening, the role of prayer in the evangelistic ministry of individual believers, and the development of evangelistic prayer ministries in local congregations (3 credit hours).

CM 5315—Church Growth and Renewal

An examination and analysis of current theories and methods for evangelism, church growth, and renewal in the 21st century.

CM 5335—Contemporary Issues in Church Growth

A study of current trends, issues, and opportunities in church growth with special attention to innovative church growth ministries in specific churches and movements. The trends and ministries will be evaluated theologically, historically, and sociologically (3 credit hours).

CM 5345—Introduction to Christian Missions

A study of the biblical, theological, historical, and practical bases for Christian missions. Special attention is given to contemporary issues in missions as well as current ways to do missions (3 credit hours).

CM 5346—Contextualization in Christian Missions

A study of the theory and practice of communicating the gospel and formulating theology in a way that is faithful to Scripture and meaningful to respondents in their cultural and social contexts (3 credit hours).  

CM 5348—Cross-cultural Communication in Christian Missions

The study and practice of communication across cultural and social boundaries with emphasis placed on cross-cultural communication of the Gospel (3 credit hours).

CM 5350—Intercultural Studies Seminar

Intense study of topics relevant to mission and intercultural studies. Topics will be selected in discussion with the professor, and seminars may include external learning experiences (3 credit hours).

CM 5355—Practicum in International Christian Missions

A comprehensive experience in an international setting including both practical involvement in personal and other types of evangelism and exposure to various methodologies and ministries of evangelism (3 credit hours).

CM 6310—Ministry Seminar on Evangelism and Church Planting in a Post-Modern World

This course focuses on ministry and church planting in a post-modern 21st century world (3 credit hours).

CM 6320—Seminar in Preaching in a Cross-Cultural Setting

Familiarizes the student with third world perspectives in preaching and challenges them to think cross-culturally about the various ways to do church (3 credit hours).