Meet Dr. Gregory Bruce

Dr. Greg Bruce, who also teaches in the English and the Honors programs at NGU, holds a Ph.D. in Religion and Literature from Emory University.  There, he studied and taught within the Institute of the Liberal Arts, a forerunner in the interdisciplinary studies movement.

Dr. Bruce has also held positions in Philosophy and Religion at Georgia State University and Reinhardt College, in Humanities and Literature at The Atlanta College of Art; and he was the Writing Specialist at the Georgia Institute of Technology prior to coming to NGU.

His publications and conference presentations reflect a range of interests in the general area of Christianity and culture, and his most recent papers have focused on globalization, the “languages of the city,” and urban ministries.

Dr. Bruce is an active member of both the Association for Integrative Studies and the Institute for Interdisciplinary Research in California and serves on the advisory board for Sub-Urban ministries in Atlanta.  He, in fact, continues to commute from Atlanta (going on seven years now), attributing his “madness” to the Christocentric love he shares with his “astonishing” students.  But the earthly “love of his life” is his wife, Stephanie, who integrates her talents as mother, grandmother, photographer, and faux-finish painter back at the home base in metropolis. 

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