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Students who seek a graduate degree are typically interested in fully developing their professional potential and advancing their careers.  At North Greenville University, we believe Christians too should pursue professional excellence but with a higher goal in mind.  Master’s and doctoral graduates often have opportunities to assume greater leadership responsibilities – leading projects, teams, and sometimes, entire organizations. This is where we believe you can make a difference.

As a graduate student at NGU, you’ll enjoy the distinctively Christ-centered programs we’ve developed, the convenience of online class options along with an outstanding and seasoned faculty who understand how biblical principles work in “the real world”.  NGU also provides you ongoing support throughout your degree program with a dedicated advisor and easy access to faculty and administrators.

We welcome you to North Greenville University and trust you will be professionally challenged and personally blessed.

Dr. J. Samuel Isgett

Vice President for Adult & Graduate Studies

T. Walter Brashier Graduate School

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