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A commitment to lifelong learning most often involves the pursuit of an advanced degree. New opportunities and responsibilities in the workplace require new skills and abilities. A graduate degree adds depth and breadth to your knowledge in the area of your vocation.

As a graduate student at NGU, you will enjoy the distinctively Christ-centered programs we’ve developed, the convenience of online class options along with an outstanding and seasoned faculty who understand how biblical principles work in “the real world”.  NGU also provides ongoing support throughout your degree program with a dedicated advisor and easy access to faculty and administrators.

We invite you to continue your education in one of NGU’s excellent graduate programs.  If you are considering a vocation in business, education or ministry, NGU has a graduate program for you.

NGU’s promise to you is an education that expertly brings knowledge, truth and faith together. You will thrive in the NGU culture of excellence and faith and graduate equipped with career skills and leadership preparation that will not only set you apart, but also allow you to make a greater difference in your appointed field of endeavor.

We welcome you to North Greenville University and trust you will be professionally challenged and personally blessed. Enhance your life, continue your intellectual discipleship, enrich your soul, and be a part of a thriving learning community in the NGU Graduate School. No matter what your passion, find your place at NGU!

Randall J. Pannell, Ph.D.

Vice President of Academic Affairs / CAO 

T. Walter Brashier Graduate School

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