Miller Bible Museum | Library

 The Miller Bible Museum is a special collection of Bibles and biblical history artifacts that is housed on the first floor of the Hester Memorial Library. Previously located in Gatlinburg, Tennessee, the museum was relocated and established at North Greenville University in 1985. At that time, Chaplain Lewie H. Miller, Jr., placed a portion of his personal Bible collection on permanent display with the university as a memorial to his late wife, Edith D. Miller.

A graduate of North Greenville College, Furman University and the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, Chaplain Miller served for a number of years in the United States Air Force, prior to his retirement. He spent more than thirty years collecting Bibles, promoting Bible distribution and working for the publication of the Bible in electronic format. 

The museum's collection spans the history of the Bible from the earliest times to the beginning of the computer age. Visitors can appreciate artifacts including pottery, coins and tablets from the biblical period, as well as print copies of the Bible in more than twenty different languages. These artifacts highlight the work of translation organizations such as Bible Translators and the United Bible Societies, which continue even today, to translate the Bible into more languages and dialects.



In addition to the numerous and varied Bibles, there are a number of items in the collection which represent the many countries, people groups and cultures to which the Word of God has been taken over the past several hundred years. 

The museum itself is unique in the world of Bible collecting. It is currently one of only three collections of its type in the U.S. that are known to be on permanent public display.