Cross-Cultural Engagement & Global Leadership

North Greenville University is committed to being a strategic partner in fulfilling the Great Commission given to us by our Lord Jesus Christ.  Through an integrated program of academic discipline, spiritual preparation, and hands-on field experience, North Greenville University students are being prepared to fill strategic roles in the great task of world evangelism.

Exciting opportunities in missions involvement are available to every student, regardless of his or her academic major or future career plans. Short-term mission teams (L.I.G.H.T. Teams) and field practicum experiences allow students to put their classroom training to work in "real world" environments among people groups and population segments from every region of the world, including North America.

Of particular excitement is the Craft/Hemphill Center for Missions, Evangelism, and Christian Worldview.  Among other functions, this center enables us to promote missions, provide missiological resources, prepare missionaries, and produce Great Commission Christians who have a global impact on the advancement of the gospel of Jesus Christ in the 21stcentury.

The Center also serves as a resource for missions research, a missions mobilizing and sending hub, and a regional training center for individuals and churches that sense God's call to cross-cultural ministry.

If you are interested in traveling the state, the nation, or the world as part of NGU's commitment to global Gospel proclamation, you can check out some of those opportunities here!

Each year, during the Fall semester, the Center for Cross-Cultural Engagement and Global Leadership hosts an annual missions conference on our campus.  You can find out more about this year's 
conference here!

If you are a TCK (Third-Culture Kid), then there are some very special opportunities just for you!  Find out more about NGU'S ministry to TCK's here!

There are many opportunities offered through the North Greenville University community to serve on campus, off campus, throughout the nation, and even throughout the world!

The Center for Cross-Cultural Engagement and Global Leadership is here to connect you with organizations that can help you serve long term in various locations.

North Greenville University offers resources for those seeking to serve Christ in the context of your desired academic major.