Master of Music Education | MME

M.M.Ed. Admission Requirements

 The applicant must meet the following requirements to be eligible for enrollment in the program:

  1. Apply online or submit a paper application with the non-refundable application fee.
  2. Have a valid teacher's certificate or equivalent.
  3. Hold a music education degree from an accredited institution.
  4. Submit official transcripts from all prior colleges or universities.
  5. Have a minimum undergraduate grade point average (GPA) of 2.75.  Students lacking the basic GPA requirement may be required to take the GRE exam.
  6. Complete a 500 word self-reflection essay which should address your personal and professional goals for graduate study.
  7. Submit three completed reference forms (2 professional and 1 personal).
  8. Complete the diagnostic tests in music theory and music history.  If a student desires to retake a diagnostic test, it must be done in a three week time period from the date of the first diagnostic attempt.
  9. Submit a professional resume.
  10. Have an interview with the Music Education Coordinator.
  11. Audition, if taking private lessons (on-campus).
  12. Technology Competency Certification Document
  13. Summary of Research and Professional Tools for Online M.M.E Degree