The Mountain Laurel | Magazine

The Mountain Laurel is dedicated to ensuring the quality publication of literary works and works of art by the students of North Greenville University, as well as those of individuals affiliated with the campus. Our magazine is published in the Spring of every year.

Examples of literary works we accept include poetry, fiction, essays, nonfiction, and drama.

Examples of works of art we accept include but are not limited to digital photography, paint, ink, and photographs of 3D art (such as pottery).


It's easy to submit.

1. Before you submit, PLEASE remember to read the submission guidelines, as your submission may be disregarded if it does not fit the necessary specifications.

2. Download, print out, or pick up a submission cover sheet. If yours is a literary submission, then fill out the literary submission cover sheet. If yours is an art submission, then fill out the art submission cover sheet.

3. Turn in your submitted work and the submission cover sheet to The Mountain Laurel. You may do this (1) by attaching both files to an e-mail addressed to or OR (2) by turning in hard copies of both your submitted work and the submission cover sheet in one of the brightly colored Mountain Laurel submission boxes. These boxes are in prominent places around campus, such as the cafeteria lobby, White Hall, and the library.

We look forward to seeing your work!


Header image by Blake Wasson