New Faces Around NGU

North Greenville University welcomes the new full-time and part-time hires as of June 1, 2012. We are very thankful for each of them and look forward to seeing God bless and use them in the lives of NGU students. Welcome to the North Greenville family!


Hannah Allford – Library
Andre Bernardi - Athletics
Brad Caldwell – Athletics
Heidi Dodson – Science
David Entrekin – Business
Tyson Long – Fine Arts
Debo Nathaniel – Science
Leisa Norris - Athletics
Bess Park – Fine Arts
Kerry Ravan – Science
Tim Ross – (was in Library but moved to Science)
Erin Smith – Library
Lewis Soulsby, Jr. - Athletics
Christine Stroble – was adjunct but went full time – Education
Constance Wright – Education
Paul Yandle – Humanities


David Caslow - Housekeeping
Joe Clarey – Science
Stephen Clontz – Science (Younts)
Brett Davis - Athletics
Beth Ehlich – Science
Hannah Gmerek - Athletics
Brett Harker- Athletics
Craig King – Fine Arts
Melissa McSweeney - Housekeeping
James Overstreet – Business
Joy Sears – Fine Arts
Susan Shurden – Business
Jacob Simms – Athletics
Ashley Southern - Athletics
Christa Speights – Science
Cameron Stober - Athletics
Keris Suttles – Humanities
Whitney Thomas – Science
Brittany Wilson – Library