NGU 2011 Service Awards

NGU honored faculty and staff for years of service at a luncheon held Thursday on the campus. The following were recognized:

Five Years of Service: Rev. James Bates, Jeffrey Brotherton, Rebecca Deal, Dr. Deborah DeCiantis, Lara Eller, James Fouche, Amanda Goff, Dr.Tracey Kramer, Alicia Looper, Dr. Jeffrey Rankin, Rachel Redding, Tawana Scott, Dr. Hiewon Shin, Christopher Sloan, Tony Spang, Andrew Stevens, Dr. Lilia Stoytcheva, and Dr. Paul Thompson.

Ten Years of Service: Kathy L. Bailey, Ellen C. Cashion, Dr. K. Brent Coppenbarger, Dr. Phil S. Gardner, L. Paul Garrett, Barney S. Gibson, Shurajit Gopalakrishnan,Dr. Curtis K.Horn, Rick L. Morris, Dr. Adrian Pater, Rosemary N. Thrasher, D. Wesley Townsend, and Dr. James Washick.

Fifteen Years of Service: Barbara Lynn Duncan, LaVerne B. Howell, Dr. Fabio Parrini, Claude Pittman, Dr. Cathy Sepko, and Angie Watson.

Twenty Years of Service

Dr. Stephen Crouse Dr. J. Samuel Isgett

Twenty-Five Years of Service

Billy Watson

Thirty Years of Service

Jayne Arledge

Forty Years of Service

Dr. Shirley Hickson