NGU Campus Band

Leading Worship

The NGU Campus Band was formed in the Spring of 2011. The band was founded for the purpose of leading worship through music in chapel once a week and to lead worship for students off campus in a variety of settings. This band will share the best of praise and worship music with excellence to the glory of God.  This year's NGU Campus Band include's vocalists, acoustic and electric guitars, bass, drums, keys,  and an audio technician.  These eight students were selected on the basis of their personal walk with the Lord, musicianship, and their heart for worship. 

Scholarship Opportunity

Members of NGU Campus Band receive significant scholarships.  The amount of the scholarships varies based on commitment and contribution to the ministry, years of service, and an attitude of Christian service.  

Leadership Team

Dr. Steve Crouse, Vice President for Campus Ministries at NGU, directs this ministry. Micah McMinn, a founding student member of the band, serves as the music director for the band.  Steve and Micah choose the band members, select the music, conduct rehearsals, and lead Bible studies and prayer times.  Mayson Easterling, Vice President for Denominational Relations, manages the band, scheduling their appearances, maintaining the vehicle on which they travel, and handling the financial and travel arrangements for the group.  David Malone, vocalist and acoustic guitarist serves as the student team leader of the band and Brad Loftis, audio technician, serves as the road manager of the band.


Campus Band Schedule

To apply for the NGU Campus Band click this link!

      -Deadline is January 31, 2014

To Listen to NGU Campus Band Recording Click Here! 

To book the NGU Campus Band please contact Mayson Easterling at 864-977-7055, thank you!