NGU is 10th Most Popular Liberal Arts University

A recent article in US News & World Report reveals the great success of NGU in not only attracting quality students to its campus, but also in being the university students choose above others. In an assessment of enrollment figures from the 2009-2010 academic year, US News found that North Greenville won the loyalty of nearly 60% of those students accepted. 

This statistic is key in determining the true popularity of an institution. It means as much to an assessment of popularity as total applicants, and as a percentage, it is even more important than total enrollment, though at NGU, both of those numbers also continue to grow each year. The figure shows that students are not simply applying to NGU as one among many schools, but that students are eager to be a part of the NGU experience, and apply to the university in hopes of attending. 

As an added 'feather in the cap' of NGU, no other regional Christian institution ranks among the top 20. This study reveals much about NGU's success in reaching students with its message and mission, and it shows that NGU's recruitment strategies are paying dividends.