NGU offers new class ring

NGU offers new class ring

North Greenville University in conjunction with Jostens has designed a unique, but traditional ring for upcoming juniors, seniors, and alumni that Jason Ross, Director for Alumni Affairs and Annual Giving, hopes will “create a legacy.” As generations graduate from the university, it will be something that all graduates will come to recognize as “the NGU ring.”

NGU’s Alumni Council, Board of Trustees, Executive Council, and students have assisted in the design concept of this new crest. The shanks of the ring artfully display iconic images of NGU. These include the centennial bell tower, which marked the reestablishment of Christ on this campus, the sunburst over the NGU fountain, which reminds us we are the “Light on the Hill,” and Turner Chapel, the first and last impression the students receive of NGU. Along with the school name, the foundational year and the wearer’s class year, the new motif openly declares NGU’s motto: “Christo Planto Distinctus,” - Where Christ Makes the Difference.

The symbolic signet will be available in multiple metals including gold, silver, and platinum in a range of prices. Both male and female rings are available in two styles. 

“Many of our current students have expressed a desire to see a tradition like this begin in the university family,” says Ross, who anticipates the addition of a ring ceremony to the school’s annual events. “Likewise, our alumni will be able to connect with the ongoing life of NGU and the ever-growing community of North Greenville graduates.”

For more information about the signet rings contact Ross at or 864.977.7026. Information will also be available at the university bookstore later this semester.